We take meat pretty seriously here – well, as the UK’s Best New Butchery of 2020, you wouldn’t expect any less would you. Everything is cut, boned, scored, sliced and diced to order, then carefully wrapped by us.

Provenance and sustainability are at the heart of everything we do, which is why we choose to work directly with a small co-op of farms and abattoirs.

Whether it’s Herdwick from the Cumbrian fells, Aberdeen Angus from the Scottish Boarders or heritage breed Pork from the Southern Lakes, everything in our counter is high welfare and traceable back to the farm.


We work closely with a small group of Scottish farms just over the border, who provide the majority of our Beef. Aberdeen Angus is our go to breed, with its delicious marbling and deep flavour, but you’ll often find Cumbrian Dexter, Hereford and Galloway making an appearance too.

We hang our beef on the bone, for at least 28 days, in our Dry Aging Himalayan Salt Chambers – giving us a concentrated flavour and that melt-like-butter texture. It may seem like an unnecessary step to some, but we feel it’s absolutely crucial for succulent, deeply flavoured beef.

What makes Dry Aged Beef so special? Read more about our process here.



We have a saying here… ‘Lambs need cooking twice – once in the field and once in the oven.’ Needless to say, we’re big believers that the best lamb is outside in the sunshine, munching on grass, as much as possible.

Depending on the time of year, our lamb is wonderfully tender and velvety or succulent and deep in flavour.

From time to time, you’ll see a whole Lakeland Herdwick hanging in our shop too. Inextricably linked with Cumbria, Herdwicks are deep in flavour and a customer favourite. The ones you’ll find here are the only Herdwick to be born, reared and slaughtered in Cumbria, giving them coveted PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status.


We’ve been experimenting with Dry Aged Pork for the past year and, we promise, it is not to be missed. Just a few days in our Salt Chambers gives for the most succulent of meat and your crackling will be off the charts.

We like to feature a selection of heritage breeds, though Saddleback is the breed you’ll see the most often – bred, raised and slaughtered in the Lake District for us. Deep in flavour with a good layer of fat is how we like our Pork… fat is flavour after all!

Bacon, Sausages & Burgers

We hand-craft all our sausages and burgers by hand in the shop. In fact, you’ll sometimes see Chris running sausage in our quieter moments. Minced, mixed, filled and linked by hand – ours are traditional sausages made properly.

The peppery traditional Cumberland ring is an absolute staple around these parts, but our customer favourite is Westmorland Sausage – slightly herbier sausages that are perfect with creamy mash.

You’ll always find a speciality sausage here too, whether it’s spicy Merguez, punchy Toulouse or, our favourite, Black Pudding & Haggis.
Every rasher of Dry Cured bacon is cut by us, so if you want slices ¼ inch thick, then we’ve got you. You won’t find any water seeping out of them and, most importantly, they don’t shrink in the pan!

Burgers have become unnecessarily complicated in our opinion. You won’t find any strange additives in ours, just good quality meat and a pinch of seasoning to lift those natural flavours. Beef, Pork or Lamb, whatever you fancy we’ve got it.

Fancy a taste of our house-made produce? You’ll find our sausages, bacon & black pudding in our Butcher’s Breakfast Box. Take a peek here.


We’re really proud to be stockists of the multi-award-winning Herb Fed Poultry. These traditionally farmed birds are kept in small flocks, meaning they’re truly free to forage for food and roam their Yorkshire pasture. The fresh herbs that supplement their diet are surplus from a farm down the road and they can eat up to a tonne a week – who knew!


From the talented Jonathan & Susan over at Cartmel Valley Game, nestled in an historic village, they source Duck, Pheasant, Rabbit and Venison from estates throughout Cumbria. Our favourite is their Venison Striploin – rich in flavour and a spectacular alternative to beef.

A little confused by our Butchery jargon? Take a look at our Glossary for more details.

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