Meet The Maker – Yorkshire Pasta

Meet The Maker – Yorkshire Pasta Co.


Meet one of our favourite Makers… Kathryn.
The driving force behind The Yorkshire Pasta Co!


It’s been a little while since our last Meet the Maker spotlight, but anyone that knows me, knows how much I love pasta – so it seemed like the perfect time to have a sit down with Kathryn and chat all things delicious!

We met Kathryn in March 2020, the day she launched her business. You may recognise her from James Martin’s Saturday Morning Kitchen too. After he featured her pasta in one of his recipes, her website went absolutely bananas, as the great and good scrambled to have a taste of her artisan pasta.

With a commitment to producing sustainable Yorkshire milled pasta, wrapped lovingly in handsome plastic-free bags, Kathryn is making real strides in the UK food scene. 


An idea that wouldn’t go away

“When it comes to pasta, we’re as passionate as they get!”
Kathryn was working as a product developer for KitKat at the time, but couldn’t get the idea of locally made pasta out of her head. It was “an idea that just wouldn’t go away. It kept me awake on a night and I had to keep a notepad next to the bed!” With a supportive family, and a very supportive husband, Kathryn took the plunge and by the summer of 2019 had started building her brand new business – The Yorkshire Pasta Co.


Local, natural & green

For Kathryn and her small team, the traditional methods are best.
Having spent many hours studying family-run artisan pasta producers in Italy, they have learnt, practised and refined those traditional methods to suit a truly 21st century operation. “We source our wheat flour from a nearby mill. Knowing our miller ensures we get the best quality flour – we receive fresh deliveries every week.” Her pasta is made using just wheat flour, water and a big passion for proper, tasty food.
As well as sourcing local ingredients, Kathryn is committed to running as sustainable a business as possible. “We have solar panels down at Yorkshire Pasta HQ” or the Pasta Shack (where you will always find Radio 1 on the go).


Family first and foremost

“My most memorable place is our kitchen table, up at the farmhouse. The 30 years that we’ve sat around that tables, decisions have been made, people have come and gone. We still eat together as a family now when we go up to visit, only the family has recently grown and there’s a highchair at one end.”

It’s so obvious when you chat to Kathryn how important family is to her. When we met on her launch day, her Dad was there, proud as punch and taking a whole heap of photos of the momentous occasion.
But what do you love most about your job? “So much. To be honest, the fact that I run my own business still hasn’t sunk in. I still worry that one day I will wake up and it will all have been a dream!” 

A dream it isn’t.
You’ll find Kathryn’s pasta on the shelves of the UKs leading grocers. That she’s achieved so much in just a couple of years is a true testament to how hard she’s worked. Not everyone is featured by a leading chef just 2 years into their journey!

We absolutely adore Kathryn’s pasta. Yes, pasta is Italian and of course it’s lovely to have imported treats, but her UK made pasta is just as good as any from over seas. And we love supporting a small producer too! 

Fancy a taste?
You’ll find a selection from The Yorkshire Pasta Co. on our shelves (just head to the larder section).

In the mood to whip up your own plates of delicious pasta?
You’ll find everything you need in our Italian Gift Set – including The Pasta Grannies Cookbook (an absolute must if you don’t want to get in a sticky dough mess). 



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