Breakfast Box


Perfect for a relaxed morning…

Everything you need for a cosy cooked breakfast – all that’s left to you is eggs, toast and tea.

Our Breakfast Box features:

For Two – 4 Thin Cumberland Sausages, 4 rashers of thick cut Dry Cured Back Bacon and 2 pieces of our house-made Black Pudding.

For Four – 8 Thin Cumberland Sausages, 8 rashers of thick cut Dry Cured Back Bacon and 4 pieces of our house-made Black Pudding.

Please note, due to stock availability the products included may very occasionally differ from those shown. For product ingredients and allergen information please check each item on delivery.

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There’s nothing quite as hearty as a proper fry up. It sets you up for the day ahead and heralds the start of a relaxed weekend. To us, a fry up is all about the pork, so we’ve made sure your Breakfast Box features the very best from our counter.

Thin Cumberland Sausages -
These Cumberland Sausages are thinner than our traditional coils, but definitely not lacking in taste. Boasting a hearty pork flavour, as all traditional bangers should, with the perfectly balanced peppery spice good Cumberland Sausages are known for.
(Contains Gluten & Sulphites)

Dry Cured Back Bacon -
Traditional Dry Cured Bacon that’s thick cut to order by us, because there’s nothing more upsetting than wafer thin bacon. You won’t find any water in this stuff, it’s bacon as bacon should be.

Black Pudding -
We hand craft our Black Pudding in house - hearty, traditional and a must on your breakfast. Gently fry or quickly roast in the oven to release all that deep, delicious flavour.
(Contains Gluten & Sulphites)

Want a proper Cumbrian Breakfast? Add our Cumbrian Breakfast Hamper too - you'll just need to bring your own eggs and you're good to go!

Need a bit of recipe inspo? Check out our Breakfast Hash Recipe, featuring our very own sausages.


Breakfast Hash

If you fancy a hearty breakfast but not a fry up, then this is the recipe for you!

Serves 2

The Ingredients:

2 tablespoons Groundnut Oil
50g Butter
3 Sausages – skinned
1 Onion – sliced
½ large Potato – including skin
2 free-range Eggs

The Method:

Heat the oil in a large pan. Add the butter and skinned sausages and cook for a few minutes, stirring to ensure all the meat browns. Add the onion to the pan.

Grate the potato including the skin and squeeze over the sink to remove any moisture. Add the potato to the pan.

When the pan ingredients are cooked, crack the eggs into the pan and cook until the egg whites are set but the yolks are still runny.

Serve with plenty of brown sauce and a fresh pot of coffee.

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