La’al Cheese Box


The La’al (that’s Cumbrian for small) Cheese Box – a selection of the essentials…

Four pieces of our most popular artisan British cheeses – perfect for snacking, cooking or cheeseboard sharing with a bottle of wine.

Black Bomber Cheddar
Colston Bassett Stilton
Rachel Goats’ Cheese
Oak Smoked Cumberland Farmhouse
Aberfeldy Oatcakes

Please note, due to stock availability the products included may very occasionally differ from those shown. Each cheese weighs approximately 150g. For product ingredients and allergen information please check each item on delivery.

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A Cheese Box especially for those of us who need a regular hit of cheese in our lives.

Showcasing four of our most popular cheeses, these delights are at home on a decadent cheeseboard, but versatile enough to cook with too, and a pack of our best-selling Aberfeldy Oatcakes.

Black Bomber Cheddar – a multi award winning classic. This cheddar marries a delicious flavour with a smooth creaminess. Long lasting on the palate but deliciously moreish.
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk / Suitable for Vegetarians

Colston Bassett Stilton – our favourite Stilton. Hand ladled in Nottingham, this cheese has a dense texture but is still wonderfully creamy, rich and full flavoured.
Pasteurised Cow’s Milk / Suitable for Vegetarians

Rachel Goats’ Cheese – this semi-hard cheese starts off life as a classic goats’ milk cheese, but is then washed to develop the characteristic rind, sweetness and smooth texture.
Raw Goats’ Milk / Suitable for Vegetarians

Oak Smoked Cumberland Farmhouse – this specialist cheese is crafted just up the road from us, by Thornby Moor Dairy. Smoked slowly over Cumbrian Oak Shavings for 4 days, it has as a subtle, smooth flavour perfect for cooking and snacking.
Raw Cow’s Milk / Unsuitable for Vegetarians

Aberfeldy Oatcakes are the best in the UK – hand cut and made with coarse oatmeal to an old recipe gives them a gorgeous flavour and texture that every Cheese Board must have.


Not sure of the best way to keep your cheese fresh as a daisy? Take a look at our Caring For Your Feast Guide for our top cheese storage tips.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For those extra bits of cheese you have lying around the fridge.

Serves 1

Yes, it’s a lot of cheese. But it has to be a lot or there’s no point!

The Ingredients:

2 x 2cm thick slices Sourdough Bread

1-2 teaspoons Dijon Mustard (to taste)

150g strong, mature Cheddar (such as Westcombe or Keen’s) – grated

Lashings of softened Butter

Pickles or Hot Sauce to serve

The Method:

Liberally spread one side of each slice of bread with the mustard.

Pile and squish all the cheese onto one slice of the mustard-spread bread and place the other slice on top, mustard-side down. Slather the outside of the sandwich in butter.

Place a large non-stick frying pan over a medium-high heat. When the pan is good and hot, carefully place the sandwich in the pan and pressure with a spatula, so that the sandwich makes a ‘tsssssss’ noise – if there’s no noise, turnup the heat.

Cook until golden brown on the first side, approximately two mins, then flip and apply pressure on the other side.

Keep flipping and applying pressure until it’s ready. You’ll know it’s done when the whole sandwich is crispy and golden brown, and molten cheese is oozing through the holes in the bread.

Cut in half and serve with crunchy pickles or your choice of a smoky hot sauce.

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