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Cumbria’s Best Kept Foodie Secret

Our corner is a bustling little spot in Penrith (the Northern Lake District), founded by Chris – our Head Chopper and lover of good food.

We’re a small but perfectly formed team, working with handpicked, independent suppliers to bring you an award-winning Butchery, Deli & Café that’s a cut above in every way… pun 100% intended.

The Founder

Chris moved into the hospitality industry after graduating university and has worked locally as a butcher for a wee while. He’s known for his wicked laugh and love of good food.

“After leaving my last job, I took a couple of months to mull things over and spend some time with my Wife and 4 young boys – there were a lot of nappies to change. I loved what I did before, but taking the time out gave me the distance I needed to take stock. I didn’t want to work for someone else, I wanted to make a difference in my home town and, most importantly, I wanted to build a business my family would be proud of.”

So here we are… a family run independent with an eye for quality and a flair for the delicious. We flung open our doors in June 2019 and we can’t wait to see you in the shop soon!

Our Values

We think there’s a really exciting time ahead for British food & drink and are fiercely proud to be a family-run, independent business.

We’re passionate about everything we offer – championing sustainable, exceptional ingredients and high welfare livestock. Using a mix of local and national suppliers, we’ve curated a shop of quality goodies you probably won’t find elsewhere near here.

Provenance is at the heart of everything we do, which is why we work directly with farmers, makers and artisans. We try everything at home before it makes an appearance in the shop, so we’re full of recommendations – just ask!

The Team

Chris –
Our Founder and Head Chopper. Chris lives just outside Penrith with his wife Ruth, four young boys and Tess & Lupin (the dogs). Originally from the North East and a Shearer lover for life (up the Toon), his favourite drink in the entire world is a well pulled pint of beer, supped next to a roaring fire. Add a bag of crisps and he’s in heaven!

Lucie –
The designer. Our shop manager and lover of all thing’s food. Lucie was a graphic designer before we poached her and has become our resident food stylist. Her fave cocktail is a minty fresh Mojito and you’ll know if she’s wrapped your deli treats – it’ll be the most beautifully presented salami you’ve ever seen.

Jackie –
The Mother Hen and hater of goat’s cheese. Jackie is our Deli Queen and the kindest woman you’ll meet. She’s worked in Penrith her entire life and if she’s not in the shop, you’ll find her hanging out with her family. Wine is her poison and if she had a super power, she’d love to read people’s minds… I’ll let you take from that what you will.

Cassie –
The loud one. Cassie has been with us since the beginning and has just joined the team full time! She has a heart of gold and I’ve witnessed her eat a steak quicker than anyone else I know – she inhaled it. A huge lover of Disney and the biggest wind up in the team. Saturday close downs will always see her and Chris driving each other to distraction.

Robyn –
The youngest member of our gang and the best baker of biscuits around. Little Robyn is one of the hardest working people I know – she doesn’t stop from the moment she comes in until we force her to leave. She often brings in delicious treats, so if you see us ducking behind the counter with crumbs on our lips, you have her to blame!

Bethan –
Football champ. Bethan joined our gang last year and I’m just not sure how we used to get through Saturday afternoons without her! Hugely talented at football and taller than everyone else her age, her favourite animals are Giraffes because “they’re clumsy and tall which I can definitely relate to.”

Katie –
Our shop genius. Katie sadly isn’t around much since she started studying in Sheffield last year. She’s incredibly intelligent and has the most beautiful hair. Truly, if I could buy a wig that looks like her hair, I’d have several knocking around the house!

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