As a young family business, it’s incredibly important to us to be as sustainable as possible. We’re not perfect and sometimes we slip up, but we always try our best.
You can read more about what we’re doing to reduce our environmental impact here (spoiler alert… David Attenborough is involved).

So when you visit our shop, you might notice a few differences –

  • Our freshly prepared meat and cheese is sold in waxed paper & paper bags (best for keeping our produce fresh and entirely recyclable)
  • Our menu changes regularly, depending on what’s in season and the delicious treats we have in our Butcher & Deli counters. You’ll find our latest menus here
  • Our carrier bags are made from 100% recycled paper
  • The insulation we use in our parcels is sustainably sourced, compostable, bio-degradable and reusable
  • We actively seek produce with low food miles
  • Our waste plastic, tin, glass, cardboard and cooking oil are all recycled
  • We don’t sell drinks in plastic – it’s cans or glass bottles for us
  • We cook everything fresh on site, giving us very little food waste (and any leftovers are donated to Chris’ chickens at home – they’re the best-fed birds in Cumbria)
  • We work with Too Good To Go and our local food bank, so excess food isn’t wasted
  • Our courier partner, DPD are committed to carbon neutral deliveries for every single parcel they process (and they’re moving their entire fleet to electric vehicles)
  • The loo roll in our bathroom is wrapped in paper, not plastic!

If you spot something else we can change to help with our sustainability pledge, please let us know. After all, it’s not about a few people doing everything perfectly – it’s about all of us making small, imperfect changes to build a brighter future.

Our Packaging

We choose to work with Woolcool, who are industry leaders in sustainable and reusable packaging, to make sure your products are properly insulated and arrive on your doorstep perfectly chilled.

The wool insulation is totally compostable, biodegradable and reusable (we use it to insulate our potted plants in the winter, for felting projects and to give the chickens at home an extra cosy coop).
If you want to learn more about their incredible insulation, take a look here.

We’re use recyclable vac-bags, so you can just give them a wash and pop them in the plastic bin, and are in the process of moving to bio-degradable bags.

Our cardboard boxes are 100% roadside recyclable, as well as the additional shredded paper filler we use to keep everything nice and snug in transit.

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